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 Principal Hobbies



dulcimer Bert and Anne enjoy listening to folk music of all types, from many cultures, as well as classical music. They each studied the violin many years ago. Bert has studied the five-string banjo a bit (bluegrass style); Anne is taking lessons on the mountain dulcimer; and Bert is currently working on old time fiddling. They often participte in the "South Bay Old-Time Jam" of traditional American music on Monday nights in Palo Alto-- see They also attend concerts, ranging from intimate living-room "house concerts" to chamber groups and an occasional symphony or opera.

Hiking and Skiing

ski scene

Bert and Anne met in college days on a mountaineering trip, and have maintained their love of the outdoors ever since. In 1987, for their 25th anniversay, they trekked to the vicinity of Everest Base Camp. For their 50th, in 2011 they climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro.

They became avid skiers around 1970, and continue to ski regularly. Both were members of the National Ski Patrol for many years, volunteering their time to give emergency first aid and transportation to injured skiers. For many years they arranged annual ski trips for Bert's Rotary club, for experiences such as the view of Sun Valley pictured here.

Cultural and Social

Bert and Anne are season subscribers to plays, lectures, and other artistic presentations, often attending with groups of friends. Anne likes to give dinner parties. On special occasions they may host larger gatherings, such as an annual New Year's Eve party for 40 or 50 guests. If you would like an invitation (and have not already received one), send Bert an email!       top

tulip garden


Anne spends much of her spare time gardening. Her garden has dozens of rose bushes over six feet tall and hundreds of smaller rose plantings. Each spring she typically plants over a thousand tulips and other bulbs (as seen here). One window of our house is filled with orchid plants. She also maintains more than two dozen assorted orchard trees, and a large vegetable garden.

Games and Puzzles

Bert has always enjoyed games and puzzles (the old fashioned kind-- chess, backgammon, etc., not video games). He plays poker at least once a week, and will usually do the daily sudoku puzzle.

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